A Marketing Epiphany Inspired by My Cat, Friday

Marketing is not always advertising or promotion…

Sometimes marketing is how you communicate what you do. Clear communication can make a big difference if you are selling something that needs more explanation. You could lose a lot of business by not explaining well what you’re selling.

I had an experience with this lately.

A Marketing Epiphany a marketing epiphany A Marketing Epiphany Inspired by My Cat, Friday A Marketing Epiphany 2My cat was very sick, so I took him to the vet last summer.

I have to admit, I don’t trust vets. I’m not made of money, but in my experience, vets want to charge a lot for their services and they want to offer many services all at once. (It’s not just vets that irk me; eye doctors and dentists have the same effect.)  Anyway, I found out that my cat had thyroid cancer, but I didn’t fully understand what that meant.

Being in marketing (& customer experience), I thought that I might be able to help business owners offer a better customer experience and convert more people without having to “sell” them,  just by helping their clients understand the situation at hand…this is how my marketing epiphany came to me.

I remember the evening I took my cat to the vet last summer. He had been losing weight for about a month, and I was concerned that he might have a parasite. It was a very hot day, and we were in a “mobile vet” unit that didn’t have air conditioning. Both Friday (my cat) and I were very dehydrated and showing signs (he was panting; I was very dizzy and light headed).  The vet administered some blood/urine tests then recommended an on-going prescription to slow down the cancer process. I don’t like to make decisions quickly because I follow a budget, so spontaneous purchases are kept to a minimum, so I didn’t get any medications that day, although we did spend about $100 on the visit.  I was also considering trying some natural remedies that might help him more than the prescription.

After I left, I only remembered that it was a thyroid issue and that it was making him think he was hungry all the time.

The night Friday died we took him to an emergency vet clinic. The vet at the emergency clinic had no idea what was going on and was no help at all.

After Friday passed in April, I couldn’t help but call the original vet that diagnosed him to ask her about the progression of Friday’s illness. This vet was very knowledgeable. She explained the phases of thyroid cancer in cats just as my cat had experienced them.

Then I thought about how communication would have improved my experience and helped me make a more informed decision about my beloved pet.

Sell without Selling

Make communication easier a marketing epiphany A Marketing Epiphany Inspired by My Cat, Friday Make Communication easierSo then I got an idea…why not have a handout to give pet owners that explains the condition that the pet has, the options available, and the prognosis?  What the vet recommended was a prescription medication, but I was under the impression that it wouldn’t really help my cat; I also didn’t know the phases that my cat would experience having cancer, so I began giving my cat natural supplements hoping they would eliminate the issue. 

When I looked up “thyroid cancer in cats” online, recently, I found several articles. One of them listed out all of the symptoms; Friday had every one of them, so I knew this vet

Having one-page flyers for common conditions that describe symptoms, phases, and potential treatments would save her and her customers a lot of time and confusion. The vet probably told me everything…but who remembers everything the first time around in a stressful situation?  From a marketing perspective, having some materials for common conditions would help this vet educate her customers, increase conversions, and also save more pets lives.

Put my marketing epiphany to work for you. Create the right communications for your business and your customers. This could be a sign, an email and text message or even a video or a business card!

You are great at what you do! Don’t lose business. Contact us to create your own custom communication materials that will help you gain trust and stay top of mind with your customers.

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