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PR Expert Hank Eder  PR Ideas from a PR Expert HankAre You Looking for PR?

Through my dealings with Facebook Marketing place I met Hank Eder,  a PR expert who lives on the East Coast. He graciously agreed to meet with me and let me use our conversation for a blog post (since I am PR challenged 😉

I got some great ideas from him! Check’em out!

Local PR is a Stepping Stone

If you are looking for PR try your local media:

  • Local TV Stations
  • Local newspapers
  • Local Radio (AM or FM)

Focusing on local media can be beneficial. You may be able to connect with reporters, art critics, food critics or other local writers in person or at least someone who knows these people. If you can find there they hang out, you may be able to strike up a conversation (of course, try not to seem like a stalker 😉 Also, local stations are much easier for travel. If you are able to get an interview on a local TV station or radio station or in a local paper, you can use these materials to get to the regional or even national levels…like a stepping stone.

Regional or National PR

If you are looking for a broader reach, Hank recommended PR Web. This is an online service that sends out press releases. There is a cost to this service, but Hank said that he uses it often for his clients and has seen results. It’s free to sign up and they offer a 10% discount for new users. There are some other online services that are similar to PR Web: and Help a Reporter Out, which is owned by the same company as PR Web.

If you would like to be a guest on a talk show like Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil, you should approach them from more than one angel. First submit your press release on PRWeb, then get in touch with the show’s agent or producer. When you reach out, use stories to get their attention. Dr. Oz has a contact form on his site for guests who live in a certain area. 

Writing a Press Release

When you write a press release use an event to make the information more urgent. If you are planning a show, a celebration, a sale, a launch, etc, these date-driven activities can help get your release printed quickly.

Some publications, such as magazines, have longer lead time and some are more flexible. Reading their press schedules, when they  are available, can be beneficial.

Use your own outlet to propel your PR. Your Blog, your social media and your website can help you get your story out there. If these pages are set up well, you can point the media to them as a starting point. I have a client with a non-profit  organization who was approached on is website for an interview by a local journalist! It can happen!

Do It Yourself

Self-Propelled Marketing  PR Ideas from a PR Expert self propelledHank created a program called Self-Propelled Marketing for business owners who want to propel their own marketing efforts. If you are interested in this all-inclusive program, you can check it out here.

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